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A Manager's Guide to Solving Problem

and Turning Diversity into a Competitive Advantage

     Workplace Diversity reflects a true understanding of the pressures on middle management caught in the cross currents of profit goals, legal requirements, social pressure and backlash. It offers sound, understandable advice on specific, frequently encountered issues in honest, straightforward language. These authors show how it is done. It is a down-to-earth guide for those who are serious about changing the way American business approaches diversity.

     Katharine Esty and her fellow authors provide business managers with the creative and effective solutions they need to succeed in today's multifaceted and ever-changing workplace. With insights into the most difficult and sensitive issues managers encounter, Workplace Diversity offers timely, practical, and invaluable guidance.

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what people are saying

"Esty has written a very readable book on a complex topic. The issues of diversity are broader than race and ethnicity although those issues remain important. A significant driver in business is the diversified workplace to reflect the diversified market. Esty presents new ways of thinking about and addressing diversity in the workplace in some very practical ways. A great handbook for anyone committed to diversity."
- E. Sullivan

"Esty wrote an effective text for companies and managers that are concerned with diversity issues in the workplace. It covers topics like "how to handle or treat" gender, race and age discriminatory modes of thinking, valuing the differences diversity can offer a company, how to profit from diversity and how to treat and to be aware of the backlash created by affirmative action campaigns and government laws....Katharine's message is that managers need to be open to (and make an effort to be aware of) the diversity issues and conflicts that may arise in an organization. That managers should value those differences for the benefit that "looking at things in a different way" brings to an organization. One benefit of diversity in the workforce is ensuring different modes of thinking. Different modes of thinking can lead to creative solutions to obtuse problems."
- Thomas Crowder

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