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Katharine Esty, PhD, a lively speaker who loves interacting with audiences, is available for speaking engagements. The topics of her talks include aging well, why eightiesomethings are unexpectedly happy, what adult children need to know about interacting effectively with their parents, and misconceptions about sex and intimacy among the elderly, to name a few topics.


To book into her calendar, please contact us.

Future Events

  • The Good News About Aging that Most of don’t Know! at Brooksby Village
    More details coming soon.
  • Old Cow podcast interview with Jill Loris & Ava
    Podcast info coming soon.
  • Crows Feet podcast with Jean Feldeisen
    We'll be discussing Ageism. Podcast info coming soon.
  • Never The Empty Nest podcast interview with hosts Vanessa Garcia, Nicole Garcia, and Jackie Rivases
    We'll be discussing family & inter-generational relationships. Podcast info coming soon.

Recent Podcast Interviews